Up ahead it must be better

Than all this confusion in my way.

I only took the lighter path

Because I couldn’t stay.

Hidden in the muck of mess

Lying for the truth instead

Knowing it isn’t ever over

But I never listen to my head.

Suddenly seeing a glimpse

Of angels sudden peering

Knowing right around this bend

It just has to be clearing.


Hearing him laughing one day

At all the ladies he’s reached.

It was a terrible lesson in life for them

But one that needed to preached.

Sudden loss in temperament

Now he’s gone astray

Wonders if the many women

Just suddenly went away.

Sudden endings are forgone

The messages are nearing.

Now at the close of his performance

His entitlement is clearing.


Clouds move in one day in anger

Leaving nothing but dismay.

It wasn’t what for forecasted

That sunny November day.

Afraid, she goes out to confront

Yells back at this treacherous storm.

What was once left to the crazies

Has now become the norm.

Suddenly, it moves around her

Almost like it lost its steering.

She sighed when she realized

The terrible storm was clearing.

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