Say It

People will question you

Doubt every word of it,

To the point of not listening

Once you get to the point

They don’t believe.

They’ll question your honor

Your integrity

Ask where you were

What you said

Probably even ask

What you were wearing.

You’ll see people telling their stories

No questions asked.

People just believe them

Because it doesn’t affect them

Or you aren’t acting quite right.


If you were really a victim

You’d be saying this..

Doing that..

But you aren’t

So you must be lying.


They want to doubt you so hard

That you begin doubting yourself.

Maybe that didn’t really happen

Or maybe

Just maybe

You took it out of context.


The battle within you

Meets the battle before you

In a contest where only the strong survive.


Whether you stand there shaking

Unable to put a clear sentence together

Or you scream it

At the nearest person to you

Over and over

Until you are satisfied

Someone on this stupid planet is listening..


You need to say it.


Then show them your clothes

Show them your integrity

Show them your honor

Show them your strength.

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