You Don’t Know

You just don’t know…

What is like to hurt, until you have heard your child say they hate you.

What it is like to lose something, until you turn around in the store and your 2 year old is nowhere to be found.

What it is like to love, until you give it completely to someone unconditionally.

What it is like to be torn apart, until that person walks out of your life without reason.

What it is like to be poor, until you don’t have a dime, and need to take your child to the doctor.

What it is like to be mean, until someone does something terrible to someone you love.

What it is like to give everything of yourself, until you find out that your best friend just died 14 minutes after a terrible argument.

What is like to touch someone, until your gentle words make them cry.

What is like to hate, until you find out someone has come into your home and taken everything you own.

What your character is made of, until something happens to make you question everything.

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