Secular Appointment

It's a simple little trick Some call it a tryst, You take the hand that feeds you And turn it into a fist. You cry about all the soldiers Lost along the way, Then turn around, tip your hat And live another day. It's a secular appointment An arrangement of disarray, Forming alliances with fools... Continue Reading →

I’ll Finally Let You Win

I really want to fight you I'd like to call you out. A stranger hidden between the lines Of an angry and regrettable shout. Not really one to play games Though yours, I fell right in. Isn't the mark of ungodliness The essence of a sin? But I'm not here for karma That will be... Continue Reading →

Did You Feel That?

Did you feel my hand run down his back As he kissed my face? Or hear me tell him The world he made for me Is exactly what I always wanted?   Somewhere between what is What never was, What could never be. We stood in between them Somewhere in the midst With no impunity.... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Now?

Raindrops hit my tin roof I counted each and every one. They said I'd have a daughter for you Instead, it was a son. A mark of the cross on his forehead The sun was on his back. Left prison for the war But wasn't ready for the attack. Hid him once in the attic... Continue Reading →

He Used to Believe

There was a time when he believed in love He believed so vehemently in soul mates That nobody could talk him out of it. The idea of getting married Even having children Excited him, Made him feel like he could finally be whole. Then I came in Angry and absurd Lying Threw all his dreams... Continue Reading →

I Honor My Brother

I honor my Christian brother On his knees every morning Praying to his God for his day He has been blessed with. I honor my Muslim brother In these trying times Where people confuse you For the wrongdoings of others. Where your religion has been slandered By those that would do harm Where you would... Continue Reading →

Passion of Betrayal

When our hands touched The universe took its sweet time Letting me know Nothing Would be alright again. When your lips touched mine Oh wait That never happened. There is a passion in betrayal Nobody understands Until the moment they realize Someone they love Has done something so terrible to them That the damage Is... Continue Reading →

Standing Next to Death

Swirling winds around me Lifts my hair in front of my face So the only thing I can see Are traces of who I was Before this unnatural storm. Rain starts hitting my shoulders As I stand to reap What, apparently, I deserve. Tears get lost in the raindrops Because there is no reaching out... Continue Reading →

The Most Pitiful Request

You prey upon the weakest of us, Those that are wandering lost And alone, in a world filled with people Pretending to be busy. We are the downtrodden The forgotten ones Wandering paths that we didn't choose Nor would we have If we were given the choice. We are so very lonely Craving the attention... Continue Reading →

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