The Most Pitiful Request

You prey upon the weakest of us,

Those that are wandering lost

And alone, in a world filled with people

Pretending to be busy.

We are the downtrodden

The forgotten ones

Wandering paths that we didn’t choose

Nor would we have

If we were given the choice.

We are so very lonely

Craving the attention of someone


We are the kindhearted

The ones that give

With no idea what it would be like

To take.

We sit blindly

As you tell us everything

We’ve ever wanted to hear.

As you gain trust,

We lose.

As you gain a heart you don’t deserve

We lose.

As you gain the secrets of our lives

We lose.

There is nothing in this

Little game

That we don’t know we are playing

That we understand.

We are a pawn

Nothing more.


Serrated edges on a knife

Pulled skin to the side

To release the blood within.

When will it stop bleeding?

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