I Honor My Brother

I honor my Christian brother

On his knees every morning

Praying to his God for his day

He has been blessed with.

I honor my Muslim brother

In these trying times

Where people confuse you

For the wrongdoings of others.

Where your religion has been slandered

By those that would do harm

Where you would not.

I honor my Catholic bother

Taking his child to be baptized

Giving them the chance to have parents

When you are no longer able.

I honor my Mormon brother

Going out on his own

To tell what he knows

His relationship

With his God.

I honor my Amish brother

Living life his way

The way his ancestors did

The way my ancestors did

Decades ago.

I honor my Hindu brother

Living in balance

With how he lives his life.

Knowing that doing good

Will reap the same.

I honor my Buddhist brother

In his search for the enlightenment

That eludes most of us.

I honor all the people

That believe that something

Or themselves

Can help them reach

Their full potential

And in turn

Make the world

A better place.




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