Secular Appointment

It’s a simple little trick

Some call it a tryst,

You take the hand that feeds you

And turn it into a fist.

You cry about all the soldiers

Lost along the way,

Then turn around, tip your hat

And live another day.

It’s a secular appointment

An arrangement of disarray,

Forming alliances with fools

We met along the way.

Losing garments over trust

You build a faithful few,

Following only those that believe

Exactly like you do.

You appoint, with high regard,

Rich white men to represent you

The problem is they are nothing like

Nor do the things you do.

Get angry over an injustice

That only lasts a day,

But heaven forbid that anyone

Should take your freedom away.

Lose yourself in tiny fragments

Of an undeserving life of hate

You put an angry word on social media

As a simple little bait.

Then, you claim you have no time for that

You have far to much to do.

When suddenly, and thankfully,

There is no more of you.


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