Seen in the Dust

Boots scape across the grass Laying it down For a brief moment. Grass rises again Dust settles But the fragements That seem to remain Within us Is seen in the dust We leave behind.  

I Feel You

Your touch reminds me I'm alive A woman worthy of feeling you. Concerned voice reminds me I'm wanted A woman worthy of being taken care of.   Sometimes I forget my place Setting the life I knew behind. They didn't respond with what I thought Weren't very kind. You came along and taught me Life... Continue Reading →

Sound of Revenge

Deafening, like an ache That takes over your body One cell at a time Until you are consumed. Life fulfills its destiny Just in time For your second arrival. The sound of revenge Is the core of your problem Magnified for only you to see, Because everyone else has moved on. Like dancing on a... Continue Reading →

Milking Daisies

Every since she was a little girl She's been going out in this field. Picking daisies. One day she decided It wasn't enough; Just looking at them. Now you see out there Furiously Trying to milk daisies. Nobody can convince her She'll get nothing from it. For years You'd see her out there Wandering around... Continue Reading →

Close the Door

Stood outside the room Just looking in Because participation Wasn't necessary. Beer cans strewn across the floor Worn out candle Left to be discarded Like everything else They never had. Pieces of me In traces of him Left me wondering Why I stood so long in the doorway.   Sometimes in life We can stand... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you need to sit Quietly in the room they left you Picking up pieces of yourself Lost When they not only forgot who you were But never Not once Remembered your value. Sometimes you need to scream At everyone For everything. Because the lie you were fed; The lie Forced down your throat Was... Continue Reading →

Everything Around Me

You are the air I take into my lungs When I take a breath I am thankful for. The light I see in the sky When the stars are shining at night Just the way we love them. The art carefully placed On a wall we built ourselves; In a life we love to live.... Continue Reading →

Hades Dog

Once thought he was a devil Like Hades, only worse. My life was a absolute mess Hidden in a curse. Morning brought me pleasure The night hid my lie. The truth revealed a necessity But I never knew why. Somehow I walked out Of this bitter cold fog. I realized he wasn't Hades at all;... Continue Reading →

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