Did You Hear That?

It wasn't what you thought, This big elaborate sound. It was more like a penny Hitting the sullen ground. One day I was there Answering your every call, The next I was the one That didn't know you at all.

If We Could Only

If we could only get along for a day We could sit down with one another. Talk for hours about having our kids How hard it was to raise them But what a joy it was to see them grow. We could talk about all the people we lost Cry with one another as we talk... Continue Reading →

Perfect Verse

Calmly strolling along a riverbank, trying so reverently  staying on course. Life took the essence she trusted, and a thief stole her horse. Stopped to pick up a rock, aimed it for the still water. It wasn't the tragedy that made everything off course, it was the aftermath that got her. Laughing she knew this... Continue Reading →

A Life Anew

Began to remove bits of chain Beginning with sanctification The hallucination of purification That answered all creation. Then lost the way a time or two Listening to the cries Tender mercies within the crux Ending up with lies. Beat the clock to redemption Fought off the crazed hordes With baited breath anticipation And lots and... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be

Maybe I was meant to go through all this You were meant to go through it But not together So we could come out of it stronger. Maybe I was meant to deal with this On my own In my own way So I could become The friend you need The sister you need.  ... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Peace

Two people Sitting, facing one another Under a starry sky With unfaltering trust.   She.. Battered and afraid Anxiety ridden Filled with distrust And disdain For all that is male. So afraid of feeling anything She'd rather feel nothing..   He.. Downtrodden Worn and impatient Distrustful of feelings Especially his own. Angry with most everything... Continue Reading →


One time I had the chance To touch the sky You opened up for me. Life, and all its complexities Cease to exist. Twice I knew the answer Was ours. I'll meet you Years and years from now In Aldhibah.


Hearts pounding Standing in the heat Where nothing survives But the truth between our bodies. We said all the things we wanted Then rested Upon the sand beneath our feet. Marked our losses Apologized for all our wrongs Then went racing To our next mistake.

TIt Tat

Tit Tat We took that one back Nobody noticed the stars at night; Nobody misses that.   Tit Tat We once lost track Finding the pieces of the future Didn't make us last.   Tit Tat Smokey little rat Settled what you could this time Then took it all back.   Tit Tat You knew... Continue Reading →


Hand of the desert Between the rush of wind Cry of the rain And the warmth of the sun. Alternating Between the ice cold rush Of anger driven snow Falling on pines.   Melting like I'm supposed to.

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