A Moment of Peace

Two people

Sitting, facing one another

Under a starry sky

With unfaltering trust.



Battered and afraid

Anxiety ridden

Filled with distrust

And disdain

For all that is male.

So afraid of feeling anything

She’d rather feel nothing..




Worn and impatient

Distrustful of feelings

Especially his own.

Angry with most everything

But mostly

With all things female.

At least until tonight.


They sit with one another

Talking about life

Laughing about times

When nobody was around

To enjoy that moment with them.

Trusting that tonight

They could truly let go.

Telling stories of adventures

“The one that got away”


“The one that never had a chance”

Between beer and stars.


Hours went by

The sun crept up on them

And for this one moment

They shared the warmth of the sun

And some peace

In both of their worlds.

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