When You Are Defiant, Yet Strong

You're going to want to stand up Face all those that did you wrong. You'll have to wait a while for this When you are defiant, yet strong. Someday you'll sit at the table Wondering why you got so mad. Now you sit so happy and content Not so alone, and sad. First you'll have... Continue Reading →


You're going to have to cry a lot Someday you'll have to shoot to kill Right now isn't the time for that Today there is no thrill. You really need to breathe a bit You're going to have to take it slow, Someday you'll probably blurt it out When they desire a lovely show. Someday... Continue Reading →

Through the Door

Saving myself from grace May have left some indignation on the path. The road that leads me to temptation Is riddled with my wrath. Sensed a little bit of freedom Coming from my right, Tried to look for the flag But it was nowhere in sight. Stood at a door for longer Than anyone had... Continue Reading →


Swarming past the hordes of people Waiting to gain entry. Below the deck there was survival You just had to make it past the sentry. Handed him the flower he wanted My absolute favorite, Hemlock. Poison does a tasty trick But is slower than using a rock. Barter is my trick for this, Money doesn't... Continue Reading →

Gave Life to This World

Fragrance in the air Surrounding us in our sin, One we would not escape from But deny to everyone. We never spoke of it Simply gave life to this world That would forever haunt both of us. Many years later, Looking into her eyes They reminded me of yours, But I lied to her. Took to... Continue Reading →

The Breeze

I’ve gotten my cup of coffee from Starbucks sat down on the porch. He smiles as I sit, moving over a little to let me have more room to sit down. We begin talking about fishing, because he knows I didn’t go this year wants to know why. I tell him my job has taken... Continue Reading →

Significant Silence

Moments become memories Blowing around in our minds Making us think of times We never want to forget. A significant amount of silence Recharges our essence Although we never report it. Tears stream down faces Unable to come to terms With what life handed them. Go out into the storm Scream at it. Get out... Continue Reading →

What Does It Mean?

Soft hands Worn through time Found reaching out In Scottish roots With an Irish heart. Though time prevailed We never did. Caught in glimpses Of what we were In those moments Nobody can take from us. Everything stopped For a moment While I apologized For moving on When you weren't ready. Seizing what we could... Continue Reading →

It Is All Broken

First, I laid down the bottle, Of course I picked it up a few times Cried over not having that numbing, Then set it down again. After that I set down my phone Stopped waiting for the phone calls Tired of the lies. Sitting quietly in my room one night I realized my life is... Continue Reading →

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