The Breeze

I’ve gotten my cup of coffee from Starbucks

sat down on the porch.

He smiles as I sit, moving over a little to let me have more room to sit down.

We begin talking about fishing, because he knows I didn’t go this year

wants to know why.

I tell him my job has taken up too much of my life

how much I like it, but how completely draining it is.

He empathizes, without being too overly dramatic

then starts a conversation about my father.

It was probably the only person I was remotely related to he liked.

I asked him if he wanted something to drink.

He asked for a beer I didn’t have

Tried to offer him water and he declined.

We laughed about old times

Putting a swing set together in the rain

Making that watermelon drink that we hated.

He said he wanted to sit longer,

but he couldn’t, there were a lot things he needed to do and he had to go.

I sat there on the porch feeling the breeze in my hair after work,

taking small drinks of my coffee,

thinking of him,

wondering what I would say if he were not gone,

if he were still alive, and could come sit on the porch with me.

5 thoughts on “The Breeze

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  1. Awww. Memories. Memories that are now sheltered away. At the beginning, you can see the love growing, I smiled because of how you describe the the meeting of two different souls, at the end, you made me sand, because it was all from a sad memory. 😦

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