For everything I forgot to say to you Every moment I missed out on For every touch I never got Every line you had drawn. Every kiss I brushed past Every word I never wrote Every message I received Every plan, never followed through. I told you long ago I would be happy With any... Continue Reading →

The Story Of j

There are thorns running through bushes Trying to cover this tale. An aftermath of wanting to BE Yet never wanting to fail. How does one become anything With such a terrible start? Where does she go for comfort When she doesn't understand her part? Once a peasant nobody wanted Comes to terms in later life. Sends... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanted That

Sunlight hits the valley; The only sun they've seen in weeks. Tenacity is at the core of town Sometimes it just reeks. A fresh breeze runs through the middle of town Barely catching its breath on the way. Serenity is everywhere, But everyone knows it won't stay. Sin arrives at the town Takes everyone by... Continue Reading →

Did Anyone Hear That?

Muffled crying in the distance We just can't seem to hear. Well beyond our busy lives We just can't lend an ear. Did anyone hear the sound Of that teen about to take the fall? Did you know, just that night, She had nobody in the world left to call? Why is it only after the... Continue Reading →

Through The Eyes

Through the eyes of a child I saw hate; The kind that children should never see. They hated where I came from, But in reality, hated me. Through the eyes of an adolescent I saw confusion Why nobody came to my aid. Memories of a child forgotten Thank fuck those memories fade. Through the eyes... Continue Reading →

Don’t Turn Around

Rushing to meet with fate Losing against destiny and desire. Forming alliances with those in need Yet unwilling to put out the fire. Nearer, we are to the end We learn that anger beat a path for us. Wandering still in aimless circles Unable to put up much of a fuss.   Don't turn around,... Continue Reading →


I laid the incense on the counter Quite angrily, too. The day wasn't quite a ruin; Because it wasn't about you. Put my gun back in its holster Today isn't the day. Can want this all over with But I can't wish it away. Smelled the scent of orange Saw blue in the sky. They... Continue Reading →

The Man You Couldn’t Be

Strong enough to lean on With all the class he needs. Special features come at night In very intimate deeds. He was real So good to me. He is something; The man you couldn't be.  

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