I Just Wanted That

Sunlight hits the valley;

The only sun they’ve seen in weeks.

Tenacity is at the core of town

Sometimes it just reeks.

A fresh breeze runs through the middle of town

Barely catching its breath on the way.

Serenity is everywhere,

But everyone knows it won’t stay.

Sin arrives at the town

Takes everyone by storm

Pretty soon what once was wrong

Has now become the norm.

Traces of a life we knew

Left behind in clouds of regret.

We don’t stand beside them anymore,

We simply keep them, like a pet.

When I look back at it all

The devastation of where we’re at,

I always sigh and remember the past

Because I really just wanted that.

3 thoughts on “I Just Wanted That

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  1. “Pretty soon what once was wrong / Has now become the norm.”
    ~ So applicable to our lives now in the USA. The harm done cannot be undone.

    Thanks for the follow 🙂

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