Hearing Nothing

Screams from a forest About to devour a small child Reaching, grasping for air She's never able to obtain. Grieving a small part of me A lifetime quickly passes by As I drive past that forest Where I let her die.   Scenes play out in my mind Reminders of all I lost in a... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Want To Be

I didn't want to be the one That took the price you paid Went on an angry heist Just to show you what you made. Didn't want to be the woman Taking from the source Burning down your ranch Just to take a horse. I don't want to be the one You forget along the... Continue Reading →

You May Have Heard

Took the air out of the room once, Because it wasn't necessary to breathe. Stood at the edge of a cliff once, But for a moment I could seethe. Built a castle nobody could approach In the darkness built a trap. Never looked to see if I caught anything Because I didn't have the map.... Continue Reading →

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