Sometimes I think back of you Remember how we were free. Thoughts provide my solice I don't think too much of me. Give what I can at the altar Then lose it all in a bet. I've come to take my test, dear master May I fly you to Tibet? Forgot you were my silence... Continue Reading →

Where Everything

Life beats a drum I've never been able to hear. Storms bring an aftermath But never made it clear. I've wandered through time and space To find a new affliction. Where everything I thought was free Was suddenly my addiction.

Which Part of you to Take

You are the wind that blows on my shoulder Sun that shines on my face, A part that went missing in a puzzle That suddenly found its place. The aftermath of a terrible wreck Where not a single person was hurt. The moon in a beautiful sky A delicious homemade dessert. Freeing as the scent... Continue Reading →

Because He Lied

Threw a rock into the river of silence, When a storm didn't pass. Took the force of dignity to a new level When I told him to kiss my ass. Worried when I was told the truth That it was a lie instead. Stole what I could of integrity Though dying, wouldn't take a piece... Continue Reading →

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