Did You Get That?

Rumbling in the distance Makes me feel a bit more at ease. Happy I can at least hear the sound Feeling the gently wrapped breeze. Circular, not secular Like a punch in the throat. Seemingly nice to beguile Yet not quite worthy of a note. Did you get that innuendo? The one I clearly made?... Continue Reading →

That Should Have Been Me

It should have been me in a wicker basket My old torn and battered bed. Being held by a father that loved me Instead of wishing all my life I was dead. It should have been me wrapped in love By parents that truly cared. Held in the arms of protection Instead of living every... Continue Reading →

But In The Silence

Waves crash on a distant shore While we wonder who we are. Didn't see the new tide coming We weren't looking very far. But in the silence you could hear the screams Of everyone that lied. This time she didn't care Whether the entire world cried.    

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