He left me homeless No car No food No house Nothing. Yet he loves me? Love isn't leaving anyone Anytime For anything. He didn't love me He was using me.

He Doesn’t Know

He doesn't know I've rested my heart within him Secretly placing it between lines of poetry. Hoping he'll call so I can hear his voice While I tell him insignificant events. He doesn't know I wish he was mine Have for the years I've known him, Even while the sloth was drowning me. He doesn't... Continue Reading →

Finally Found Peace

When the last picture is deleted from my phone Nobody ever mentions your name, followed by "I'm sorry." The last email comes with your name on it Nobody asks what happened The last post about you is deleted from Facebook Every card and gift is thrown in the trash When nothing of you exists in... Continue Reading →


I only want a touch That sends stars soaring across the sky. Caress the inner soul of my being Where nobody has been.

Carefully Crafted

He carefully danced around the fire While she was tied upon the stake. Haunting every part of her Except the part that counts. He carefully crafted the fire To barely touch her most endangered Sealed with a fate she didn't understand She had been here before, why would he do this? His shadow casted heavily... Continue Reading →


Pressed beyond the point of perdition Lively is a scene that cares. Shredding pieces of timeless indifference Splitting all, but tangled hairs. Faceless now that time appears Handing dolls to trolls for peace. They don't mind the sins that carve Lesions left us precious crease. Forces left us embers steal Causing fires we didn't create.... Continue Reading →

Until Now

Finding the finish in the last remark Left vicious attacks gone awry Settled in the piece of life Nobody understood why. She left lies in the dust that flew Angrily to the stars He left nothing for her to grasp Just ugly, nasty scars. Forcing truths past benevolent lies Left words unsaid at last He'd... Continue Reading →


Crying alone in the dark one night The devil came to play. Wandered out alone with him Took more than just a day. Spoken words full of lies Like beating on a drum Candles lit and mirrors placed Lacking in the rum. A diversion of hostile forces Yet he never asked why He wasn't married... Continue Reading →

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