Burning Lies

The context wasn't surety When focus lacks in force. Heady was a heart shouting Heading towards my banging indifference. Your breath is like an unruly torch Burning lies in every exhale.

I’m Not Listening

I don't hear the wind rustling the leaves anymore Or the train whistling as it races by. I cannot ride the tides of repentance Or ever get the answer to why. I'm not listening to the noise anymore Just the silence in the wind. Not the one joining the pack Nor was I the one... Continue Reading →

Sins Of The Past

The benevolent brought you into life Enemies took it away. Sins of the past remind you tonight You've nothing to look forward to today. Tears brought upon a rock Same one used to smash. We grabbed all we could of redemption But it left us short of cash. Nobody taught the lion to roar Or... Continue Reading →

Make Life

Five months ago A life was made From what destroyed Everything within me. Now I feel it move Remembering How he walked away Leaving all of us Unwanted.


Didn't get the engineer Got a high school dropout instead Didn't get a passionate life Fell asleep in bed. Didn't get the rest of my life Couldn't get him to stay At the first sign of something hard He up and ran away. Didn't get my happy ending Much to my demise All I got... Continue Reading →

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