Why Don’t You

Why don't you write something telling about me Or take down that picture from your wall? Why not email me one lazy night Just before dawn, in Fall? Why don't you kill the substance with circumstance Then just let the feelings flow? Take a night off to reminisce about the past Just before dawn, during... Continue Reading →

I Went Back

Returned to the ache that haunts me With his accent so thick I can't see Life has a strange way of throwing you a curve. Hearts intertwined many years ago Since then we've just gone with the natural flow Haunting is a love you know you cannot have. Tonight I went back to an old... Continue Reading →

Je Me Souviens

Blue eyes on a soft white pillow Looking directly into the eyes that would keep her. Noise comes from waves outside They are riddled and covered in life. Remembering smiles and places But not time in this place. There would be no end to today Even in the lightest of places. Fires burn around the... Continue Reading →


Not so easy to tame Yet so visceral You could almost cut the intention With your keepers knife. Strong in salacious intent under the cover of darkness he knelt Not on a knee, you fool But on both. Begging for the justice he thought he deserved Crying for the mortal to understand Yet there none... Continue Reading →


Crawling deep within a tomb Where nothing lives or dies Hidden beneath the earth we created Suddenly we have ties. Shouting angry words below Where nobody could possibly hear Sounds create the illusion Yet nobody has an ear. Down below the apocalypse Feelings are left at bay We didn't want what we couldn't have I... Continue Reading →

I Know The Feeling

A torch burns softly in the distance Yet you know it isn't for you. Tears run down your face A soft voice inside you tells you to quit. Your mother looks you in the eyes She wishes you never existed. Every candle you see you want to blow out Because you want to blow out... Continue Reading →

Made Me Feel Alive

The chaos made me want to do it Fear kept me alive. I said I would do this one time for you Just didn't want to drive. Spades we threw at the danger What a rush it was that day! Honor trumped integrity Morality went out to play. Sins left us far apart Knowing you... Continue Reading →

I Bet You Wish You Did

Hours in muffled conversation Tears at the kitchen table. Knowing you wanted forever Yet understanding you weren't able. Rings left in display Of emotions you couldn't show We'd put the cart before the horse But how were we to know? Other lives now take our minds To places we'd rather not be I wish it... Continue Reading →

Nobody Hears The Silence

The silence is deafening Resting ever so closely To my banging indifference to it. Storms keep coming in After aggression took over Hardly taking notice to it. Stories take to the shadows Where burdens lay their hat Nobody hears the silence. Vulnerabilities shake the tragedy Straight to the core But just before grief.

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