I Know The Feeling

A torch burns softly in the distance

Yet you know it isn’t for you.

Tears run down your face

A soft voice inside you tells you to quit.

Your mother looks you in the eyes

She wishes you never existed.

Every candle you see you want to blow out

Because you want to blow out your own.

Trying to learn new things is so difficult for you

Seemingly so easy for everyone else.

Every night you go to sleep alone

Nothing in life will ever change that.

Every moment of every day you think of an escape

None of them seem feasible.

Your job is meaningless

Even your boss doesn’t care whether you are there or not.

The last person that hurt you

Was the very last person you’ll ever allow to hurt you.

Yet every day

You get out of bed

Fake smiles to strangers

Laugh with friends

Because nobody knows

You just wish it would all end.


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