The History

Roots that rotted in soil Taking in the poison Up into the beautiful tree She would shortly End up to be. Branches blowing in the breeze More falls off of them Than the other trees Yet it still stands. The history isn't nearly as fascinating As what she makes up in her head To keep... Continue Reading →

Ready For The War

I blew out the candle and smiled at him He knows what this moment means, All is lost in translation this time With nothing as it seems. Grabbed the armor off the floor Now don't forget my sword, I listed the things I'd be fighting But I think the jerk got bored. I've settled into... Continue Reading →

Positively Passive

Normally I'm an observer But tonight I took the torch Handed it to your mother Since she was on the porch. Typically I move with impunity But today I knew my limit I'd take one for the team this time But I just wasn't in it. Tonight I'm positively passive Just waiting for the cause... Continue Reading →

Die To Forget

Scenes on a movie screen Flashes of what happened to you Things you could do nothing about Because they happened years ago. You are forced to sit and watch Because of the inability To discern what you are worth. Whispers come from seats behind you Saying you should have fought back Harder. You should have... Continue Reading →

I Am

I am the man that went to court today Lost custody of his son. Reduced to tears in front of strangers As an abusive woman won. I am the lonely stranger you saw on the bus Wishing someone would talk to him today. He went to war to fight our battles But nobody had anything... Continue Reading →

Against My Will

We sat heavy upon that rope, Or do you prefer to call it a string? It was a fancy endeavour Or do you prefer the word fling? In the creases of our ability To disdain, and also cry, We find sudden indifference And rivers, dry. Settling into the home We found lots of friends and... Continue Reading →

Tell Me When This Will End

Don't whisper lies into my ears They have heard enough from him. Writhe your hands in eager anticipation We both know I won't swim. Feed the hungry lion at night That doesn't know how to play. Steal the horse and leave the cart I won't need it anyway. Figure out the easiest rhyme Then furiously... Continue Reading →


Shadows dance across the sunset Causing winds to blow in objection. Bringing water in the atmosphere Moisture surrounds the advection. Sensuality isn't enough The pain still causes the crutch. Licks that comes in punishment For all the women you touch. Fluidity is what caused the spurn Rejection made of cement. Growing whispers among the crew... Continue Reading →

I Walk A Line

Very loose grasp on reality With a succinct flavor for the dramatic Blown the candle out of that For the very last time Yesterday. Goals set and ready For what I knew I could not obtain Yet told everyone where I would go Which makes running the other direction Quite easy. Beliefs held in great... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Why

Walked for hours This path I took To end what seemed Like a treacherous moment. Thinking only of what was before me In the darkness All alone. Came to a cliff Too high for me to see Any sign there was an end. Looked around for a moment Then whispered "Tell me why I should... Continue Reading →

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