Against My Will

We sat heavy upon that rope,

Or do you prefer to call it a string?

It was a fancy endeavour

Or do you prefer the word fling?

In the creases of our ability

To disdain, and also cry,

We find sudden indifference

And rivers, dry.

Settling into the home

We found lots of friends and mice.

We tried to take their life

But really only twice.

I’d tell you I wasn’t a lady

Certainly not a fan.

If you know what I hid in shadows

I just know you would have ran.

There we were in the breeze

On the crippled bench we sat.

Now at least I didn’t have mice

Just one very jaded rat.

Knew it wouldn’t take me long

To find the direction to run.

Not that it wasn’t tasty

But man it wasn’t fun.

We got lost once in forever

Upon a crazy tiring hill.

Everything else about me

You took against my will.

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