I Am

I am the man that went to court today

Lost custody of his son.

Reduced to tears in front of strangers

As an abusive woman won.

I am the lonely stranger you saw on the bus

Wishing someone would talk to him today.

He went to war to fight our battles

But nobody had anything to say.

I am the child that is hiding behind the couch

As mother and father fight.

Too afraid to stick up for either one

And both will die tonight.

I am the soldier that returned from war

To fight demons for decades inside.

Crying, fighting, screaming at times

Tonight he’ll take his last ride.

I am the beast within you that won’t say hello

To that dirty beggar on the street.

Though you claim to be such a nice person

To everyone you meet.

I am the voice inside your head at night

That says you’re better than all the rest.

You don’t have the mental illness, you’re clean…

Honestly, you’re just blessed.

I am the forgiveness you give to the souls

That are crying out in vain

Only because you’ve been sent to hell

For ignoring all their pain.


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