But Just Let Me Jump In This Lake

I’ve never swam with the piranhas that you have

Or watched life end in the blink of an eye.

Not told my husband is leaving after a 22 year marriage

With no explanation or “why?”

I’ve never went a night without eating

Or had the misfortune of someone taking my things.

Never lost a hand of cards to a stranger

Or had to pawn my favorite rings.

Many things I cannot relate to you on

But my life is clearly at stake

You may think I don’t know what your feeling

But just let me jump in this lake.

I’ve been misjudged by those that raised me

Never once told they were proud

Been beaten to the point of submission

Left laying bleeding, on the ground.

I’ve been looked over for promotion

Because I didn’t have a dick

If that doesn’t anger you slightly

Then you’re a misogynistic prick.

I’ve been passed around like furniture

Too young to scream “STOP!”

Choked until I passed out

Saved from that by a cop.

Hated by an entire family

Just for being me

Darts thrown in my direction

Nobody could ever see.

I may not have walked in your shoes

But you haven’t walked in mine

If we can sit and chat about our trauma

Maybe we’ll both be fine.

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