Does Anyone Even Hear Me?

Laid in the middle of a field

After a terrible wreck

Flipped an ATV over the top of me

Hurt everything but my neck.

Laid on the side of the road one night

So drunk I didn’t know my own name

After the glitter of the lights weren’t on me

No longer wanted to play the game.

Does anyone even hear me

When I speak nothing but my silence

Quietly whispering I want this over

Wishing for just some guidance?

Sat in my room with a revolver

Wondering why they’d make this a toy

My death would be over this madness

It would never be over a boy.

Kicked a chair into a group of angry people

Wondering who would take me on

Seems nobody wanted that challenge

But a crippled, toothless con.

Scenes play over in my head of a child

That nobody wanted to be alive

Lonely, desperate, and foreboding

Yet somehow she would thrive.

Does anyone even hear me

When I sit alone in my hell

Wandering lost within a battlefield

The war is over; but I cannot tell.

Sat on a cliff in Idaho

Watching clouds roll by for hours

Thinking maybe a diversion for me

Could possibly be one of my powers?

Gone right up to a stray dog

Knowing neither of us had a home

He may have lost all hope in humanity

But at least I had a comb.

Does anyone even hear me

In my sullen shaking shell

Beyond the crying and screaming for justice

But not quite literally in hell.



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