Silence brings me to an empty room Dusy and full of noise. Green dress and blue shoes Beautiful wooden toys. Photos still hang on the wall From a past I barely remember. Would be wandering more around the room But right now it is December. Swirling in an tomb I've made Where my life can... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Mean Goodbye

Never said the words Just wrapped myself in the silence That being without you produced. Swam in the river of tears Made when I realized You'd never call me again. This many years later I sit here wondering if you knew I didn't mean goodbye. I meant I was angry at the moment That maybe... Continue Reading →


We walked furiously past what we knew Into what we thought we'd left behind. Never meant to lift the truth Only there to see what we find. We seek knowledge in the pebbles cast at us Though we never truly find. Sand leads us to places we want But that's only in our mind. We... Continue Reading →

Miss This

Closing my eyes for for the peace Pretending life doesn't truly exist. Drums beating in the distance Entertaining what we couldn't resist. Measures of life moving like current Save a few that go against the flow. Maintaining a valuable rhythm Yet some are here only for the show. Opening my eyes to the reality Single... Continue Reading →


Maybe she's just wonderful And you are blind as hell. Maybe she really had it all And you just couldn't tell. Maybe she didn't fit the bill Or you lost your touch. Maybe she hit the wall one too many times And "I love you" doesn't really mean much. Maybe you had a plan To... Continue Reading →

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