One day the wind blows north Where the truth tends to collide with lies. Tending to enjoy the lie more - We perpetuate it. The next day the wind blows south Where we cannot even imagine ourselves as one. Though we love the unpredictability of it We also despise it. We are vacillating Always between... Continue Reading →

Nobody Will Ever Get

Sending the note I never got around to writing In the envelope someone left on my desk Through time that nobody seems to share Wanting the crush but never the love. There are women you will have desiring you Some will even get you. Most every woman can be had by someone Yet there are... Continue Reading →

I Thought of You

Someone asked me today If anything good has happened to me lately. I thought of you. Walked over to the water for some peace Watched birds take off and land. I thought of you. Saw an ad to learn Spanish For a very short lesson. I thought of you. I know it isn't right There... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want To

Tried to resist the feeling But inhibitions flew Denied it to everyone I don't want to feel this way for you. Tried to act like I'm just your friend But feelings continued to brew There are things I tell no other I don't want to feel this way for you. My heart and head refuse... Continue Reading →


Blasphemy bled into discord Whirling around the tumultuous ordeal That housewives read about in books. The closure she held onto for life Suddenly faded to black in the distance Much like her beauty. Feeling the honor of time Wrapped around her neck, like a noose We didn't expect her to fight back. Holding onto the... Continue Reading →

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