Shame on You

Shadows of discourse around the empty room Violins sitting in dusty corners. This ruined shack is all that remains Where tethered anger couldn't be tamed. Wrote your name in the dust on the table Though I didn't really remember it at first. How do you come to the end of a rope That isn't even... Continue Reading →


I've felt the wrath of a woman Too scorned for you to even understand. Scenes of life pass by me so fast Sometimes I don't know where I am. I've felt a taste of love I thought forever Last a moment of my life. He wasn't so sure he wanted me really We certainly didn't... Continue Reading →

For Everything We Were

I began removing bits of chain Started with sanctification; The hallucination of proclamation That answered all creation. When the battle was over Was I even still standing? Earth didn't move for a minute We even thought of disbanding. Cries heard the forest have ceased Yet we grovel for the moment. Sheer destiny takes us to... Continue Reading →

The Door

I can feel the curls of my hair on my back As I slowly walk down the hallway. Tears rolling down my face Because I can't find the door anymore. For years I stood by it Waiting for it to open; Even a fraction of an inch. I've traced my finger around the edges To... Continue Reading →


Further torture in the soul of peace At least that is what I tell everyone. Silence brings me to my knees Yet I'll never admit that to you. Come walk in the rain with me Tell me about your travels; A time when you were able to meander With nothing weighing you down. Perhaps you... Continue Reading →


So hard to hear what Is never spoken Though the words seem to fly. We hinder what we know isn't right With gestures only we understand. Clearly there is an attraction Yet nobody will speak the truth. May not be available right now But maybe you'll wait. Stunning is the way it feels Wrapped so... Continue Reading →

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