Shame on You

Shadows of discourse around the empty room

Violins sitting in dusty corners.

This ruined shack is all that remains

Where tethered anger couldn’t be tamed.

Wrote your name in the dust on the table

Though I didn’t really remember it at first.

How do you come to the end of a rope

That isn’t even there?

When the war outside frightened us so much

We retreated to this place.

So much time and energy put into this

That we forgot to lose ourselves.

A piece of glass festers in a wound

From a fight I remember clearly.

The details are lost to ambiguity

But we both know our truths.

Quietly the shack disappears

Back into the minds of us both.

Did it happen, or did it not?

Only one of us knows for sure.

Shame on you for making this fake

When I would have died

To make it real.


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