Silence raped the atmosphere Then asked for some redemption. I've licked the blade he was holding But only for deception. Bending rhyme to fit my rage I built so many walls. Do you want to forage in a garden Or don't you have the balls?

Nothing to Lose

It was a heated argument About different perspectives Of the same exact situation. Both sides defending their stance, vehemently. I stand in the middle of the two Hoping none of that rage Finds its way to me. At no point a side was taken Through words or actions. Then the shot was taken Aimed right... Continue Reading →

Try Me

When the world is sitting still Leaning silence up against perdition Quietly removing pieces of lives Nobody wanted anyway. They always test the ones That remain silent in adversity; But they never try me. You've had the virginal one One that you couldn't get to stay One who wouldn't go away But you never even... Continue Reading →

The End of My Rope

Ran my hand across a wall To remember what it was like Relentlessly banging my head against it. Spoke a few words To hear the echo Reminding myself of how terribly alone I am. Looked at the light on the ceiling To remind myself I have no deity. Took off my shoes To feel the... Continue Reading →

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