Dried to Nothing

Went to bed tonight Thinking of you. Knowing with certainty You were not thinking of me. Feeling more of a burden Than anything else. A tear rolled down my cheek. The cheek you never kissed Hit a pillow you’ve never seen Touched a part of my heart You care nothing about. I will be that... Continue Reading →

Letting Go (the Rope)

Forces take me far away I don't know how to deal. There are many here that count the cost without the benefit of it being real. When I look around the empty room left alone again by trust. Wonder if he ever cared for me or if he was just here for the lust. Now... Continue Reading →


Falling further from what I thought was the norm Life took a sudden turn to the left. Reaching endlessly for that which I know I cannot have There was a point I knew the danger, yet didn't care. Now I sit in solitude overthinking everything What if I had died that evening? Tired from running... Continue Reading →

What I Want

A life surrounded by freedom With joy touching every moment. Serenity when I need it; Chaos when I don't. What I want is someone to come along Promise nothing Yet give everything. Wrap me in a cocoon of his tenderness Washing the past from my mind With words that never fail him. Honesty from step... Continue Reading →

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