Falling further from what I thought was the norm

Life took a sudden turn to the left.

Reaching endlessly for that which I know I cannot have

There was a point I knew the danger, yet didn’t care.

Now I sit in solitude overthinking everything

What if I had died that evening?

Tired from running thoughts through my head

Yet unwilling to do anything about it.

Medication would give me the means

And I’d love to blame my untimely death on them

So I stay away.

I’ll just stand on this cliff

Until someone tells me

They are serious.

5 thoughts on “Serious

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  1. Come on J!
    Life is hard, but surely has lots of great moments that allow us feel good.
    Let’s bad feelings or thoughts go away, and enable happiness go inside you and touch your aim, I mean, let’s your soul follow the light way.
    Never give up!!!!
    Cecilia Sebé Mercader.-

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