Letting Go (the Rope)

Forces take me far away
I don’t know how to deal.
There are many here that count the cost
without the benefit of it being real.

When I look around the empty room
left alone again by trust.
Wonder if he ever cared for me
or if he was just here for the lust.

Now I learn to really let go
and face this on my own.
Without the bitter truth this time
lies are all that is flown.

Crying doesn’t ease my pain
and truly, he doesn’t care.
He’s turned his back and walked away
Too afraid to go ‘there.’

Never let someone go
without the dignity of saying goodbye.
Would never have let the truth be told
and held so fervently to a lie.

Especially when dealing with people
that are not so replaceable.
Thought that he had learned that
but I don’t think he is capable.

Slowly I let go of the rope
that binds me to this man.
Face the new life ahead of me
with writing as my plan.

No longer will be his ‘muse’
but that’s never really mattered.
Besides, with all the other lies
that one could have been scattered.

Many women could have thought the same
and been hanging on a rope.
Didn’t realize it was around my neck
until he made me feel like a joke.

Written 8 years ago today. 7/24/12

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