You Said It

When the air became so still Barely knew where anything was. Went around like a ghost Talking to nobody Yet lending the truth to a past Two would have died to have forgotten. Some were not born out of love We were born from a hate most wouldn't understand Even if we explained it in... Continue Reading →

You Need To

Sometimes you need to mute the voices Listening to the sound of nothing, Rather than hear the sounds of the naysayers Or the ones with nothing to say That isn't negative. Sometimes you need to close your eyes Walk right into the fear that is holding you back Never turning around. Sometimes you need to... Continue Reading →

Torn Piece of Paper

There is a torn piece of paper on the ground You can hardly make out the writing on it. Meaningful once to someone Now means nothing to anyone. Blowing with the wind Going everywhere Yet nowhere All at once. There is no gratitude for this No feeling of what it represented At all. One day... Continue Reading →

For the Fallen

We trip on items along a road we didn't ask to be on Sometimes falling over it and into an abyss we cannot escape. Someone else has to come along and lend us a hand to get us up Show us the right way to go, and watch us as we lead our lives to... Continue Reading →

Someone Else

Sitting quietly in a room of a house I felt so very comfortable in, I wrote. Managed my time working and writing to the point I had it down to a science. Something must have been cast over me, as a presence crept in. A presence I didn't notice, nor condone. Slowly over the next... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate You

There were moments I wondered if life could get any better Then it all came crashing down on me. I sat on a pillar that I could have sworn was made of stone But it began to melt once the bomb went off. Had to learn to walk all over again, because I forgot I... Continue Reading →

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