Don’t Hate You

There were moments I wondered if life could get any better

Then it all came crashing down on me.

I sat on a pillar that I could have sworn was made of stone

But it began to melt once the bomb went off.

Had to learn to walk all over again, because I forgot I even had legs.

Slowly I picked up every piece of my life that was left

Became defiant and enraged at my naivety.

Began building a life nobody could enter

With walls nobody would ever want to traverse.

Put feelings on the back burner of my existence

Realized that maybe I had nothing to do with your lies

Nothing to do with the pain you caused me

Maybe none of it was my fault, after all.

Became an advocate for women going through the same

Stood in court with them in solidarity

While they did what I didn’t have the guts to do.

Helped them rebuild their lives from ashes

Watched as they went on with life, leaving that behind them.

Took a deep breath today

Unlike yesterday.

I may hate everything I went through

But I can finally say

I don’t hate you.

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