Someone Else

Sitting quietly in a room of a house I felt so very comfortable in, I wrote. Managed my time working and writing to the point I had it down to a science. Something must have been cast over me, as a presence crept in. A presence I didn’t notice, nor condone.

Slowly over the next few days the presence took over my life, stealing away my sense of calm and uprooting me from my home. Robbed me of my security, and made me fall into a pool of water I could neither navigate, nor swim in.

Drowning, I kept telling everyone I wasn’t, that I was fine, and nobody needed to come save me. Every morning I would wake up, put on my makeup, and regret every decision that led me to this presence. I led the life of a lie, laughing along with stories that never happened, and feeling sorry for a person that deserved nothing.

At some point, and anchor was tied to me, as I was doing too well at treading water, and this presence wanted me drowned.

Over the course of days, I pulled myself together, untied the rope of the anchor, and wished I were someone else.

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