You Said It

When the air became so still

Barely knew where anything was.

Went around like a ghost

Talking to nobody

Yet lending the truth to a past

Two would have died to have forgotten.

Some were not born out of love

We were born from a hate most wouldn’t understand

Even if we explained it in detail.

You said it

When you failed to take notice of my damage

When you didn’t respond to my silent cries for help

When you walked away without once looking back

When you allowed a stranger to raise me

When you didn’t talk to me about drugs and alcohol

When nobody told me “I love you” could be used as a lie

I expected it

Because that is the way it has always been for me.

2 thoughts on “You Said It

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  1. Lovely image, powerful moment in time captured in words. Love the repetition near the end. It sets the reader up for a powerful ending, but you should take another look at the ending if you revise, to see if you could capitalize a bit more on the repetition.

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