Oops, I Did It Again

Smile to myself tonight Sitting in darkness Playing with the fire on the candle That reminds me of how much getting too close can hurt. Listening to stories of people How angry I've made them Over the past few months Just being the person I am. I have no tears tonight No sense of regret... Continue Reading →

What He Took

At first he captured my attention Then grabbed every piece of my soul. Had it not been for the rest of the show My heart he would have stole. What he took of the rest of me I cannot tell you in this rhyme. Just know he isn't around to speak He didn't have the... Continue Reading →


Solitude left me aching for noise Until the noise became something I hated Then running seemed the only option For tools are always at the mercy of those that wield them. Crazy is the woman that dreams When she has nothing to dream of. Worse is the woman with hope When there is nothing to... Continue Reading →

Off Course

We requested a second chance Not to redeem ourselves But because the first shot missed. Blue eyes peering up at him Made him think twice about it But nah, he didn't think so. Disposable is what people are now We throw them away Once they become inconvenient. For someone like us A little off course... Continue Reading →

Scent of You

The scent of you lingers In the air On my clothes Even my hands Smell of you. There is nothing But the scent of you To remind me Of us.   I have a new short story blog you can find HERE

Where We Went

Until we knew what course to take We'd drown in what couldn't tame us. Life led us a bit off course But we didn't care until we did. Where we went was more important Than where we came from. Silenced naysayers with the truth Until they turned into spies again. Cried tears of joy at... Continue Reading →


Now we begin a new course of love Where we don't speak at all The only thought is that we don't have to share What is truly in our hearts. Peeled back like an onion in haste We worry not of the future now But of the past we left behind. Now we begin our... Continue Reading →

We Shared

There are tales of thorns running through bushes I'll never finish this note. Found strangers staring in aftermath I was just there to gloat. Strangely he put his hat on the shelf With no regard to what he had left. Felt strangely familiar to me in retrospect But then so did the endearing theft. We... Continue Reading →

I Lost

In reverent hope of something dismal He lays on the floor bleeding from his wounds Take the knife from his hand just there to help out where needed. Standing up from the scene watching everything play out All over again in my head. Hiding the knife was easier Than hiding the pain within my heart.... Continue Reading →

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