We Shared

There are tales of thorns running through bushes

I’ll never finish this note.

Found strangers staring in aftermath

I was just there to gloat.

Strangely he put his hat on the shelf

With no regard to what he had left.

Felt strangely familiar to me in retrospect

But then so did the endearing theft.

We hid notes in tables that weren’t even there

Sang songs nobody had heard.

There were apples growing beneath our feet

We shifted nearly every word.

Love isn’t what we found that day

It was more of an appetite.

We felt the desire and ignored it in haste

There will be no lust here tonight.

We shared souls in evenings we don’t recall

Said words that only left us in haste

Cried when it all ended that spring

Walked away with only a taste.

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