That Nearly Consumed Us

We shared solemn looks from afar Traded shirts in the pouring rain Nodded off at the sound of redemption. Why didn't we listen to the voices? Shrieking, but undeniable Calling us out on our desire That nearly consumed us. What we did listen to Were cries from the shadows Telling us we should listen To... Continue Reading →

What You Think

Shadows spiral downward In the direction of your dream. Endlessly, though fruitlessly You begin to scream. Silence then takes over You wish that you were dead They tell you systematically It is all just in your head. Racing seems to ease your pain The debt demands to be paid. Then you have your brother Whose... Continue Reading →

His Voice

Kept in high regard for the morality Of the entire situation we had at hand; Having left all of it at the doorstep Of a house that we will curse with our sin tonight. There is no scurrying around like mice We stand tall in our defiance of our lie. Placing sheets down to make... Continue Reading →

It Isn’t

It isn't wanting to die But not wanting to participate In anything That has anything To do with living. It is feeling nothing No matter what happens In life. It is being so afraid of love That you make sure There is nothing about you Anyone could love. It truly isn't death Just the inability... Continue Reading →

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