Didn’t Want Me That Way

Yearning for you to be the difference Between what I wanted And what I thought I deserved. Begging all the gods to be generous to me Maybe just this once For a change. I've wandered aimlessly through shields Not wanting to disturb the carrier For fear of the repercussion. Solace was lonely at times Which... Continue Reading →


While you hear whispers But only in one ear. Knowing things in your heart Yet believing the lie. Do you know the truth That you hear? Or do you bend it at will Just to cry? Tormenting souls go on with life Pretending to be able. Senses don't bring their justice home At least not... Continue Reading →

I Need Someone

I truly need someone Who is on my side No matter what. Regardless of what they say Or do, They would fight for me Relentlessly Forever. No whispers Could ever make them doubt Or disregard me Like trash. I would always be the one They would fight for No matter what.   Do you believe... Continue Reading →

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