The Beast of Doubt

Doubt swirls in my mind I cannot grab it with my heart. Surrounding the bitter angry passion Maybe we shouldn't start! Snow falls on dead ground As doubt blooms from within. There is no escape from the bitter cold This bitch really wants in! I try to shut the beast up With words, sticks, and... Continue Reading →

Created to Destroy

The road is empty and stretches out before the wide and threatening sky you are alone and I never even saw it day after day I allowed myself to be distracted by the mundane until I was transparent to your sight as you reach beyond the present emptiness into the rich promises beyond the horizon... Continue Reading →

Maybe We Should

Darkness rapes the atmosphere Never asking for redemption. Alcohol turns hate to love In a moment of appreciation. Fueled by irresistible chemistry Nobody can explain. Words spewed in darkness Hopefully not in vain. Morning brings the weak to rise With coffee and headache we sit. The next time we spew words like that Maybe we... Continue Reading →

Unanswered Dreams

Alone I drift across the endless seas of the madness of creation as I consume my eternity speaking in a voice distant and somehow familiar I am terrified of the emptiness but only because I know that the walls of my prison are without boundary and the more I create to consume the further should... Continue Reading →

Maybe I Didn’t Know

Lost in a paragraph Written completely about me. Senses swirling around truths Though I know not where they lead. Took form through an anchor I was never able to reach, Though honor and loyalty Are something I cannot teach. Wanted to be his envy; But greed took us all, Fallen are the hungry Right before... Continue Reading →

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