Created to Destroy

The road is empty and stretches out before the wide and threatening sky you are alone and I never even saw it day after day I allowed myself to be distracted by the mundane until I was transparent to your sight as you reach beyond the present emptiness into the rich promises beyond the horizon you are near a lonely tree that reminds me of the time we exchanged dreams and promises together now faded to little more than smoke as a wandering wind stirs the darkness of a weary sky you drive on alone

The war is over now as the ravens gather to gorge themselves on the macabre banquet bloating before the wretched place we once called prosperity and innocence leavings of our once terrible construction born of webs and deceit and distrust until the very fabric of everything we wanted to save is discarded in rage and blood leaving us frightened and alone faced with the nature of what we created to destroy.

This is another writing from Pegasus Unicorn.

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