The Beast of Doubt

Doubt swirls in my mind

I cannot grab it with my heart.

Surrounding the bitter angry passion

Maybe we shouldn’t start!

Snow falls on dead ground

As doubt blooms from within.

There is no escape from the bitter cold

This bitch really wants in!

I try to shut the beast up

With words, sticks, and things.

Every time I want to fall in love

He reminds me of my past again.

One day I quietly admired a man

It was in the crisp fall.

Doubt told me to hate him

Because he didn’t call.

The beast is always hungry

It can never get enough food!

Sometimes people feed it

To help it and it’s brood.

I scream at them to stop it!

Let it die and go away!

But doubt thinks it’s rather fun

And really likes to play.

I sit shackled to this dirty beast

While snow falls all around.

Unsure of why I am not rescued

From this bitter, angry ground.

Had I known to run from doubt

Many years ago.

I would have heeded lessons

I did not need to know.

Now I sit in shadows

Anchored to a beast.

Living life in darkness

While he consumes his feast.

Re-written from an original of mine 3/19/12.

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