I Give

Softly he speaks to me His truth may not really be.. I give him my honesty He gives me ambivalence. I give him my hope He gives me silence. I give him my honor He redirects it thoughtlessly. I give him love He gives me confusion.

Scent of Wildflowers

Stillness resonant between a dark sky looming over a red and scorched terrain there is peace if only for a moment where the mists of possibility carry the scent of wildflowers through your hair forever bound to our devotion now trembling with anticipation in the face of eternity where fainted hearts lie broken and hardened... Continue Reading →

Sun Kiss

His skin is kissed by the sun Hair as raven black as the darkness That blinds you as you step slowly Into an abyss that you need to trapse down. His silence is defening The kind that stabs you in the heart As you wonder why you aren't important enough To even contact. His voice... Continue Reading →

You Sound Like A Mule

You rise from the ground like a phoenix But you are not, it is a ruse. It is obvious you don't side with good You can tell that by your views. The stench that comes from where you are Overwhelms all the senses. Makes everyone take a step back in union The look of your... Continue Reading →

You Remember Me?

Requiring the visceral But it wasn't enough to keep me. Running as fast as I could from the war Falling on my knees in front of the one That didn't want me. Partially keeping me aware of the progress As we advance on the enemy From the direction they will never expect. Scenes play out... Continue Reading →


The storm continues to rage As I hide in the back of the cave. Hoping all of this doesn't end up With me in an empty grave. Shires spill up around Your voice with that Scottish accent. Hold to that at times, my dear Then decide I should repent. Nobody will ever know my secret... Continue Reading →


Maybe I tried too hard Should have just thrown in the towel. Maybe I messed it up Then they just made it foul. Maybe I'll just sit here Watching them walk away. Knowing nothing I said Would have ever made them stay. Maybe I was loyal too much To all the wrong ones. Maybe it... Continue Reading →


Slightly to the left this time We shortened our route for speed. Didn't have the goals we wanted He severely lacked the need. Basic is the truth of us, In all its bitter core. You used to like me laying around Now I'm just a bore. Used to ask the simple things That always left... Continue Reading →

A Place I’ll Never Be

Shared hatred from the beginning Would be the end of me. It is only what they hear Never what they see. Honor is found nowhere In a battlefield they devise. Thought we had the same enemy But it is me they despise. Spread your rumors all around In a place I'll never be. Sins went... Continue Reading →

Touching on it

Slowly I walk up to it and look Is it really what I seek? Can it be trusted? Will it last forever? Then I hide again Worried that it isn't for me Or I was mistaken. Once I had given up on it Then heard a voice that seemed so familiar It was as if... Continue Reading →

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