You Sound Like A Mule

You rise from the ground like a phoenix

But you are not, it is a ruse.

It is obvious you don’t side with good

You can tell that by your views.

The stench that comes from where you are

Overwhelms all the senses.

Makes everyone take a step back in union

The look of your shadow offenses.

None of that is even the worst part

That comes when you speak.

It sounds like nails on a chalkboard

Or the most obnoxious sounding shriek.

When I see you rise from the earth

I quickly grab a stick

I’m thinking that is what kills a demon?

It’s hard when you have to think so quick.

Since everyone around me is running

I’m thinking they don’t have a plan.

I’m too stubborn for all of that

It is time to take a stand.

Your treatment of me has left me forlorn

And taught me nothing but to fight back.

Will not stand in your shadow any longer

I’ll be looking for your weakest crack.

So let’s sort through this bullshit

And start this delayed fight.

Throw down what you have now demon,

It is time to make this right.

People relish in lies every day

They pass it along in droves.

Talk while you sit and stir

Whatever is on your stoves.

It never mattered what people thought

For I know it is all a lie

It is them that are the stupid ones

And I never, ever cry.

Your foolish to think you are hurting me now

But I’ve always thought of you a fool.

The stupidity that spews from your angry mouth

My goodness you sound like a mule.

Written 4/26/12

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