Intermittent Storms

Anticipating thunder how the wild and heavy skies would linger driven by the tempestuous winds each cloud drawn and rendering itself as if from a canvas painters brushstroke the rains fall heavy and hard upon the sun parched lands as life returns in force if only for a fleeting moment dancing now away from us... Continue Reading →

Wrong One

For all I've chosen to do Just short of crying for him Laid my heart out for him to take Yet he leaves it lie there. Another is begging my attention Which is falling against my banging indifference Until one night I am weak The night I want to know I can be wanted. Laughing... Continue Reading →

Innocence Lost

Had a shot at darkness once But I hit it in the eye. Birds swarm around the dead Then they told me I could fly. A rose bush grows in a meadow Unkept and unclean. Water rushes down it's leaves Keeping them nice and green. Showers wash the pain away But never removes the scar.... Continue Reading →


I stand watching them trying to climb the walls I've built Dangling one foot over the edge, While they beg me not to jump And I laugh at their naivety. Will you take me softly Or rip me competely apart? Would you be slightly interested In this war torn heart? Then one comes along and... Continue Reading →

Maybe the Next Lady

He gave a snail the power to love But didn’t calm or move the seas. Power fell from between his feet So he had to raise his fees. Many ladies like his kind The words that he spews. I happen to think that action is better If a lady gets to choose. I tire of... Continue Reading →


Storms rage across the prairie Try to beat the lightening to the trees. Warned not to run too fast Through the raging of the seas. Surrounded by the violence around me But used to it all by now. Sound the horns and grab the bullets We are about to find out how. He may not... Continue Reading →

Two Soldiers

There is a soldier in a battle So fierce he’s lost himself. Anger takes his pain away From the fear he put on a shelf. Silence doesn’t come for a while There is a battle all around. Men lay dead or dying While the soldiers loyalty stays bound. Duty and honor he does not have... Continue Reading →

Dance With the Devil

Tonight I want to dance with the devil Maybe take the ultimate chance. Strip off my clothes in front of him Maybe he will help with my pants? Tonight I want to dance with the devil No more truce coming from me. When he's done getting what he wants Maybe the beast will flee? Tonight... Continue Reading →

One Night

Quickly you wrote something To satisfy my desire to hear you. It spoke of gin and that time we walked Away from everything one night. Kept trying to find a place we could be alone Where you just were happy to be with me. Hiding in the cover of darkness Because too many knew you... Continue Reading →

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