Two Soldiers

There is a soldier in a battle

So fierce he’s lost himself.

Anger takes his pain away

From the fear he put on a shelf.

Silence doesn’t come for a while

There is a battle all around.

Men lay dead or dying

While the soldiers loyalty stays bound.

Duty and honor he does not have

Don’t confuse him for being good.

This soldier fights only out of anger

The cause is misunderstood.

On the other side of the battle

Is a man that fights for love.

He doesn’t want to perish

He has no anger to get rid of.

The soldier of love and anger collide

In the middle of the field.

All bets are off this time

When you haven’t got a shield.

Swords in bitter feud

Clashing at the meet.

They can hardly to stand to continue

Almost dead upon their feet.

Who do you think will win this battle?

When anger has nothing to lose?

But love fights for such a good cause,

If you really had to choose.

When the final swing of the sword

Brings the soldier down,

It is men that stop to watch the battle

Finally end in this town.

Anger perished in this fight

As it almost always will.

One does not win on anger alone

For it is not a skill.

Anger is a silly emotion

Most get wrapped up in too much.

As shown in many loves that are lost

It’s just a silly crutch.

*Written 5.7.12*

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