Maybe the Next Lady

He gave a snail the power to love
But didn’t calm or move the seas.
Power fell from between his feet
So he had to raise his fees.
Many ladies like his kind
The words that he spews.
I happen to think that action is better
If a lady gets to choose.
I tire of playing foolish games
So I throw my cards on the table.
Walking out, he grabs my arm
I would hurt him, but I am not able.
Watch other women flirt with him
And wonder what he is doing.
He must be one of those men 
That never tire of wooing.
I don’t lend my heart to fools anymore
Keep it nice and safe.
If you try to get it, a trap is set
The blast is severely unsafe.
So take your snail and make escargot
I am not interested in your prize.
You may also take the words you write
Maybe the next lady will believe your lies.
*Written 5.15.12*

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